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PGM and Team Set Out On Their Epic Walk From Great Queen Street

Nottinghamshire Provincial Grand Master, Robin Wilson accompanied by fellow walkers and his canoeist son Anthony began their 176 mile Grand Union Canal towpath walk in aid of the Nottinghamshire 2018 Festival for RMTGB. The starting point for the walk was the headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England in Great Queen Street and the first leg involved traversing the streets of London to Paddington Basin and the Grand Union Canal, allowing Anthony to launch his canoe.
The walkers were cheered on their way by the Board of General Purposes accompanied by the President of the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls & Boys, V W Bro Mike Woodcock; the Chief Executive, W Bro Les Hutchinson and the staff of RMTGB.

From Paddington the team will walk westwards towards Heathrow and then start the journey north towards Nottingham which they hope to complete by Sunday 28th July. In all the walkers intend to travel 15 miles per day staying overnight in hotels they have funded themselves.
During the walk Robin and his team will be met by the Leaders of those Provinces they pass through, with some joining the walk where possible. In common with Freemasons across the UK and overseas there have been numerous offers of hospitality with meals being supplied and Masonic Halls opened up for their use.
The walk is being undertaken as a sponsored event in support of the Nottinghamshire 2018 Festival which aims to raise up to £3 million over a six year period. The money is being raised to support the magnificent work of the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys.

At the time of the walk starting Robin and his team have already raised in excess of £30,000 through the generosity of Nottinghamshire Masons, their families, friends and associates.