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Mike Sycamore’s Tube Challenge for 2018 Festival

At 03:00 am on April 16th my alarm sounded and I left Nottingham with daughter number one for Chesham. Upon arrival Lucy abandoned me and drove to Upminster to park the car before departing for Reading to resume her beauty sleep.

The Tube Challenge is the accepted name for the Guinness World Record attempt to visit all the stations on the London Underground network in the fastest time possible. Participants do not have to travel along all lines to complete the challenge, merely to pass through all the stations on the system. Participants may connect between stations on foot, or by using other forms of public transport.

The first recorded challenge took place in 1959. Although many people have attempted the challenge and held the record since, they have not always been credited in the record books. In the earlier days of the challenge, participants were permitted to use private forms of transport (such as a car or bike) to move between stations. This led to times of less than 16 hours in some earlier records, and Guinness later changed the rules to ban private transport.
The current record was set in August 2013 by previous record holder Geoff Marshall who along with Anthony Smith, completed the challenge in 16 hours, 20 minutes and 27 seconds
This is me on the platform shortly before departure at 06:30. My dream of a world record crashed and burnt at station number two when the train to Amersham was two minutes late thereby ensuring that I missed the connection back to Moor Park and onward leg to Watford which lost a total of 35 mins. This overrun was maintained until I reached Station 83, Leytonstone when a bus failed to materialise and I had to run to the Overground Station of the same name in order to arrive at Walthamstow Central, a loss of another 25 minutes. Again I was able to maintain the overrun though in order to finish at Upminster at the appointed hour the Piccadilly leg out to Heathrow was cut short giving me a total of 251 Stations out of 270. For those sponsoring me on the basis of completed stations at the point when the world record time was passed then that was 221 [Perivale on the Central Line].

Mike Sycamore’s Tube Challenge for 2018 Festival

Lucy re-joined me at Gloucester Road [stop 155] on the District line just before 6 pm and then we completed the route some 6 hours later at which point this obligatory Photo was taken.

Mike and Lucy

Brethren, my feet are killing me from the running between platforms and Stations so I would be absolutely delighted if you could reward this brave mason by digging deep and, if you have not already done so, by using the following link to increase the £300 that has already been promised, which in its self is well above the £200 target originally set.

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