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First Million Pledged Towards 2018 Festival Target

PGM & Festival Executive Celebrate the First Million Pounds Pledged Towards 2018 Festival Target

The PGM RW Bro Robin Wilson joined the Festival Executive on stage at Goldsmith Street on Saturday 1st December to celebrate the achievement by the Province of achieving the first £1million pledged towards our festival total.

The event was the Provincial Community Support Day where RW Bro Wilson presented cheques to 37 charities from across Nottinghamshire to support their organisations. Awards were made totalling £112,000 including an award from the John Mortimer fund of £12,000 towards the 2018 Festival.

Receiving the cheque on behalf of the Festival Executive Committee, W Bro Peter Gregory exclaimed his delight and continued amazement at the generosity of Nottinghamshire Freemasons and their families. He also stated that it was vital that we did not lose the momentum and he urged those brethren yet to complete their gift aid form to do so this season.
Thank you all for your generosity.

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