Relieving poverty and advancing education in children and young people

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Festival News Update – June 2012

Post Launch Event Report – Festival Director Peter Gregory

After almost two years work by a dedicated team we successfully launched our 2018 appeal at the Royal Concert Hall Nottingham on Sunday 22nd April 2012. Thanks are due to every member of the Executive, Roger Cheetham, Richard Minshall, Peter Roberts, Roger Garrett, David Abraham and in particular the Events Director David Craddock. We also had enormous help from Richard Haworth and the Provincial Stewards – thank you all.

For those who attended we were treated to a musical delight by the internationally renowned Cantamus Choir and rising opera star Nicholas Sharratt, we also had the privilege of watching one of the RMTGB’s beneficiaries 11 year old Jasmine Elcock sing “Because you loved me”.

The President of the RMTGB, and Nottinghamshire Mason, Mike Woodcock in his opening speech said:

“The RMTGB’s work is so important and I know that Nottinghamshire Freemasons, who have an enviable record of charitable support, will help us maintain our proud record of having never turned away a child in need because of a lack of funds.”

We were also addressed by the CEO of the RMTGB Les Hutchinson who gave an account of some of the vital work of the RMTGB.

To conclude our PGM, Robin Keith Wilson, thanked all those involved with the launch and was very proud to announce that on launch day Nottinghamshire had already achieved pledges of over £820,000.00 towards the target of £3m.

Can I thank all of those who contributed to a successful launch and those who have already pledged support through gift aid – just over 500 brethren. This means there are still 2500 brethren still to pledge. Can I remind all of you of the questions that you were asked in the North East Corner on your initiation!

As the season starts please seek out your Lodge Festival Steward and ask for the Gift Aid form. For as little as ½ pint of beer a week you can achieve the honorific of Steward of the Festival though I know many of you will be aspiring for one of the higher honorifics. The work of supporting children in need does not require justification merely participation. If we all contribute the reality is that in 12 months time we could have achieved our pledged target of £3m. Brethren please support this Festival, our PGM, your Lodge and more importantly the work of the RMTGB.

Progress So Far …

Following a successful launch event which has been reported on by our Festival Director above, we have now entered into our six year festival period in good form. Following two years of planning which saw Hall Coordinators and Festival Stewards appointed, trained, systems put in place and a communication network created we are now well placed to attack the challenge. The Provincial Grand Master and the Festival Executive do not underestimate the challenge that lies ahead. However, we have no doubt that our brethren and their families will support us in our endeavours. Following the total announce at the launch event we have seen money and pledges continue to be received and as we write the value has almost reached £920K. It is heartening to see 3 lodges have already achieved their festival target and will be able to coast through the next 6 years. Unfortunately some lodges have yet to get started and we urge them to get involved and support their Festival Steward with his task.


Earlier this year the RMTGB launched its new website, with sections highlighting the excellent work currently being carried out for 2000 children and young people across the UK. For those in tune with modern communications you can also follow the work of RMTGB on Twitter @rmtgb keeping you up to date with news at it happens.

We would urge all Brethren, their friends and families to visit the website to get a better appreciation of the wonderful work done by RMTGB for young people in need.

Masonic Pens

John Clarke of Magnus Lodge has kindly agreed to produce a quantity of hand-made pens out of a variety of woods. Each one is unique and these may be obtained from your Festival Steward or Hall Coordinator. The cost of the pens is £10.00 and the proceeds are in aid of the 2018 Festival.