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Climb to the summit of Mt In aid of the Nottinghamshire 2018 Festival

Climb to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro

Climb to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro

An intrepid group of Nottinghamshire Freemasons along with one lady are attempting to reach the summit of the highest mountain in Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro. Rising to 19,341ft (5,895m) above sea level Mt Kilimanjaro is a dormant Volcano consisting of 3 craters. The main summit Uhuru is located on the edge of the 15 mile wide Kibo crater and the only one of the three dormant, not extinct.

The team led by the experienced mountaineer Bro Barry Harper, is the brainchild of W Bro Les Boyington Worshipful Master of St Peter’s Lodge No 8493. Included in the team is the Nottinghamshire 2018 Festival Director W Bro Peter Gregory.

Nottinghamshire’s 2018 Festival is in support of the RMTGB and the group hope to raise up to £30,000 towards the festival goal of £3 million. The walk of around 40 miles takes 8 days. The walkers will perform most of the walk above 12,000 ft and will suffer the severe effects of altitude sickness. To this end they all started training in February in anticipation of a difficult climb.

A banner is being carried to the summit by the team and will bear the name and lodge number of all lodges which provide sponsorship of just £200. It is hoped that all Nottinghamshire Lodges, Chapters along with those from progressive orders will support the quest. RW Bro Philip Marshall has kindly agreed that the banner will be on permanent display in Goldsmith Street on its return. Please ask your lodge committee to support this worthwhile cause.

The team, all self-funded fly to Tanzania on the 19th August 2016 and intend to reach the summit after a 9 day trek. On the day of the summit attempt the Provincial Grand Master and a team of less intrepid climbers hope to reach the summit of the highest point in Nottinghamshire at 205m. (673ft) Again, this challenge will be sponsored for the same cause.

To support the team and help to raise money to support distressed children through the RMTGB please donate through the following website.