Relieving poverty and advancing education in children and young people

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A Young Mason’s visit to Gt Queen Street

My journey into free Masonry started about a year ago. Joining at such a young age (Twenty years old) has been an enlightening and nerve racking journey into the unknown. There are many reasons why we joined Free Masonry. Some like the sense of belonging; others like the application of our principles into the conduct […]

The Tube Challenge

The Tube Challenge is the accepted name for the Guinness World Record attempt to visit all the stations on the London Underground network in the fastest time possible. Participants do not have to travel along all lines to complete the challenge, merely to pass through all the stations on the system. Participants may connect between […]

RMTGB – Support For As Long As It Is Needed

With many families continuing to feel the effects of the economic downturn, the RMTGB has received an increasing number of applications for support. In 2011, an additional 347 children and young people were awarded grants by the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys (RMTGB), bringing the total number being supported to almost 2,000, at […]

2018 Festival Update

As the Festival nears the end of its first year the Lodge festival Stewards are working hard to encourage brethren to support this worthy charity. Many lodges have now received a presentation on the Festival and highlighted the work of the RMTGB to relieve suffering and poverty from young people. At the time of writing […]

First Million Pledged Towards 2018 Festival Target

PGM & Festival Executive Celebrate the First Million Pounds Pledged Towards 2018 Festival Target The PGM RW Bro Robin Wilson joined the Festival Executive on stage at Goldsmith Street on Saturday 1st December to celebrate the achievement by the Province of achieving the first £1million pledged towards our festival total. The event was the Provincial […]

The History of the RMTGB

BY THE END OF THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY, London’s population had risen to 800,000; farm houses were close to the City centre, stagecoaches rattled down its streets, night watchmen with their lanterns cried out the hours and hackney chairmen shouted, “By your leave there!” and then often knocked unsuspecting pedestrians into the foul smelling gutters. The […]

Clifton Lodge Craft Pens

For some time W. Brother Charles Fellows has been producing ballpoint pens bearing the Masonic Craft emblem on the clips. He has recently extended his range to include different kit colours. in addition to the usual Gold we now have a choice of:. Copper Gunmetal Bright Chrome Following a request he has obtained a substantial […]