Relieving poverty and advancing education in children and young people

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2018 Festival Update

As the Festival nears the end of its first year the Lodge festival Stewards are working hard to encourage brethren to support this worthy charity. Many lodges have now received a presentation on the Festival and highlighted the work of the RMTGB to relieve suffering and poverty from young people.
At the time of writing we have received pledges and donations from our members totalling over £1,250,000. An incredible figure considering the official launch was late in April last year. The Provincial Grand Master has expressed his thanks to all of the members that have made a contribution already and hopes that those who have not will be encouraged to do so in the near future.
The Festival Executive is delighted with the progress so far and are delighted with the efforts of the extended team including Festival Stewards and Hall Co-ordinators. However, there is a concern when analysing the figures. The total amount pledged is from 40% of our membership. This means that 60% of Nottinghamshire Masons have yet to make a contribution to this wonderful Masonic charity which is currently supporting a number of children and young people in the province.

Last year 10 young people were supported across Nottinghamshire with a grant contribution totalling almost £60,000. Additionally grants were made to young people’s charities children’s hospices in our region.

There are currently a number of gift items on sale in support of the festival. These include BBQ aprons, pens, lapel badges and white gloves. Details can be obtained from your Festival Steward or by e-mailing